22 May 2018

Buffalo Nation - Airs May 23rd

Buffalo Nation Pow Wow Hour Special from Radio Netherlands 
Producer Martha Hawley takes a look at aspects of Native American culture. First, the revival of the buffalo and then an exploration of the Pow Wow in this hour long documentary intended for her Dutch audience. The term "pow wow" originally referred to a gathering of revered spiritual leaders. In modern times however, pow wows are fabulous celebratory events. Explosions of music and dance that go on throughout the year all over North America. Both local pow wows and large inter-tribal gatherings can be positively hallucinatory, with hundreds of feathered and painted dancers mingling and jingling near the traditional arena. Porcupine, South Dakota, is a small town on Pine Ridge Reservation. Martha takes us there to meet the Oglala Lakota people who display their heritage with vigor. The drums they play are the heartbeat of their people - while the pow wow is open to other seekers on the road. We'll also learn of the work being done by both Native and Non-Native ranchers to restore the buffalo's once thriving herds. The challenge is to find common ground between cultural and commercial interests about this creature who is viewed as a sacred animal relative. 

Note: May is American Indian Month in Minnesota. To continue the festivities, next week the LL will be preempted for a 2-hour special presentation of Indigeneity Rising!

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