10 August 2017

Hippies - Airs Aug 16th

Hippies from Hearing Voices
The so-called "Summer of Love" is celebrating its golden anniversary. In this episode, the tuned in and turned on Barrett Golding takes a walk on the wild side and a stroll down memory lane. We'll hear interviews with Merry Pranksters, advice from Timothy Leary, The Beautiful People remixing Jimi Hendrix, warnings on the evils of acid, and Spiro T. Agnew speaking out. Plus, Johhny Depp conjures Hunter S. Thompson, and Ceil Muller explores Haight Street in the early 90s, looking for remnants of the 1960s. Outtasight!

08 August 2017

The Creation of Pink Floyd - Airs Aug 9th

Creation: The Early Years of Pink Floyd from Joyride Media
Pink Floyd experienced a lot of growing pains in its early years. Founding member and drummer Nick Mason walks us through the formation of the group and its steady evolution from 1965 to 1972. From the contributions and eventual firing of frontman Syd Barrett, to being banned by the BBC on its first single, to creating avant garde theater - there's a lot of history behind the band before it broke out worldwide with the smash album "Dark Side of the Moon." Craig Bailey of the radio series "Floydian Slip" hosts this one-hour special filled with funny stories and rare recordings.

01 August 2017

Weather Reports - Airs Aug 2nd

The Halloween Blizzard of '91: A Mix Tape in 6 Songs and 2 Feet of Snow from Minneculture
How can you forget that one Halloween in your life which came with two feet of snow? Marylander Britt Aamodt was studying biology at Gustavus Adolphus College when a record snowstorm blasted its way into her life. She wasn't alone in experiencing the legendary Halloween Blizzard of 1991, a storm that closed schools, shuttered stores and workplaces, and left an indelible memory on those who endured it.

The Whether Diaries from Radio Netherlands and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 
Two women on opposite sides of the world keep audio diaries over the course of a single week. One in Amsterdam mentally preparing for the cold gloom of Holland's approaching winter, the other bracing for the extreme heat of an Australian summer in Sydney. In a world where information and people are highly mobile, how do place and landscape ground our wandering wondering thoughts? The local weather shapes their days, moods, and states of mind. We'll hear their intimate "what if" questions, regrets, and reflections. Written, performed, and produced by Dheera Sujan and Sherre Delys with sound engineering from Russell Stapleton.