02 May 2017

Introducing the Minneculture Podcast - Airs May 3rd

The Minneculture Podcast from KFAI
Introducing the MinneCulture Podcast! We are going to celebrate by playing three installments from the new bi-weekly series which will feature the best arts, culture, and history reporting from KFAI. In these first episodes, we'll learn how Black Lives Matter got an anthem, the story of a college student from Minnesota who got the Swedish band Roxette on U.S. radio, and a 28-hour music marathonAlso, we're going to dive deep into the animal world in interviews with nature videographer Sam Easterson, taxidermist Sarina Brewer, and a harpist that has been playing for primates at the Como Zoo in St. Paul for nearly a decade. We'll hear how the gorillas react, with a beautiful sound all of their own. Our show will feature work by independent producers Diane Richard, Mason ButlerLila Cherneff, Sam Radwany, Ryan Dawes, and Nancy Rosenbaum. Minneculture is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. You can hear more stories from Minneculture at their Soundcloud page and download the Minneculture podcast NOW from both iTunes and Stitcher.

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