22 March 2017

Pledge Drive - Aired March 22nd

Best of Live from Minnesota Mix-tape: Side B from Minneculture
We're playing stories from Minneculture about Minnesota musicians like P.O.S., Kitten Forever, Desdamona, Hüsker Dü, and also spinning favorite live recordings from Minneculture's Live from Minnesota series. Music from Patty & the Buttons, Pornonono, Cherry Cola, Erik Koskinen, Bruise Violet, Los Nativos and others.
Please consider opening your wallet just a little to keep awesome stuff like this on the air. Enigmatic, excellent, essential - we love every little thing about this remarkable station and it needs our help. Pledge your support for member-driven, independent public radio easily at the KFAI website(and be sure to mention "Listening Lounge" as your show of choice)

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