30 November 2016

Paying Respects to Leonard Cohen - Airs Nov 30th

Old Ideas With New Friends from Joyride Media
Leonard Cohen was well known for the careful attention he gives to his songwriting. Every word the result of a lot of thinking and hard work. That’s one of the many reasons for the deep respect given to him by musicians of all stripes. In this one hour radio special, you’ll hear how Leonard has influenced a new generation of artists such as Nicole Atkins, Bradford Cox, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, John Darnielle, Rhett Miller, AC Newman, amoung others. You’ll also hear a few ideas from Mr. Cohen himself.

22 November 2016

The Sweetgrass Road - Airs Nov 23rd

The Sweetgrass Road by David Kattenburg
Industrialized societies have much to learn from the First Nations of the world. In this episode from the Earth Chronicles documentary series, Aboriginal people share their wisdom and perspectives on life and on what it means to be on - and a part of - this earth. Stop and listen and try to learn to look at the earth as a bible, at the woods as full of spirits, at animals as your brethren, at time as a circular phenomenon...

16 November 2016

Stolen Childhoods - Airs Nov 16th

Stolen Childhoods by Melissa Olson
America's attempt to separate Native children from their families didn't end with boarding schools. In the decades after World War II, the U.S. government created the Indian Adoption Project, an effort designed to place Native kids with white parents. In this one-hour documentary, KFAI producer Melissa Olson explores the personal and historical impact of this policy. Her Ojibwe mother, Judy Olson, was raised by a white family as were the mothers of several friends. We will hear and explore how the emotional impact of the Indian Adoption Project — and similar state projects — still continues today.

Photo by John Other Medicine

07 November 2016

Finding Common Ground - Airs Nov 9th

An Unlikely Friendship Transforms the Gun Debate from Reckonings
In the mid-90’s, Dr. Mark Rosenberg was leading gun violence research at the CDC. Republican Arkansas Congressman Jay Dickey, the NRA’s so-called "point man on the Hill," spearheaded legislation to defund it. Dickey and Rosenberg were on diametrically opposed sides of the gun debate, but fate took a twist. Producer Stephanie Lepp explains how through unexpected experiences, they managed to become friends, create common ground, and are now jointly calling on Congress to restore CDC funding for gun violence research. Their story is a rare source of hope within one of America’s most polarizing issues: guns.

A Red State Gun Owner Who's Not so Red from Making Contact
We go to Montana, where Making Contact producer Amy Martin spent some time with a guy that you might think of as the stereotypical American gun owner. Listen closely to this audio portrait, though, and you might find some views that don’t quite fit the mold.

01 November 2016

Barbara Jean / The Last Revel - Airs Nov 2nd

Barbara Jean from Minneculture
Both the rugged and softer side of Minnesota’s North Shore are apparent in Barbara Jean's music. She is a fiddle and banjo player as well as a singer and accomplished songwriter with accolades from the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest and Big Top Chautauqua. This show was recorded live at the Icehouse in Minneapolis by Alex Proctor. Mixed and Produced by KFAI's Tom Garneau.

The Last Revel from Minneculture
Blending traditional folk harmonies with rocking' up-tempo bluegrass, The Last Revel is a three-piece band that began playing a weekly gig at a dive bar in southern Minnesota. Their wild performances spread by word of mouth until the bar was at maximum capacity -- and when the dance floor was full, folks danced on tables. This show was produced and recorded by Tom Garneau live at the historic Kato Ballroom in Mankato.