19 October 2016

Apocalypse Now? Pt. 3 - Airs Oct 19th

So Far, So Good? from Open Source
This is the final episode in a three-part series dwelling on the seemingly inevitable apocalypse, because when you look long enough at all the turbulence of the last century, it becomes kind of a miracle that we made it to this one. Investor / environmentalist Jeremy Grantham suggests stepping up technological development in order to convert our civilization into something sustainable, harmonious, equal and fair. He only gives us a 50-50 shot of making it to the next century. Activist-turned-novelist Paul Kingsnorth preaches repair, if not quite retreat: working land, baking bread, unlearning dependencies and relearning skills. He believes the answer to the problem of apocalyptic risk in our society lives somewhere between the technological crusade and moral revolution. We'll also examine solutions for climate change, ending growth, and ask whether there's a technological solution to a spiritual problem in interviews with Ambassador Charles Freeman and author Terry Tempest Williams.

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