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We Don't Talk Like That - Airs Sept 28th

'Fargo' and the Midwest Psyche by 2 Below Zero
The 1996 movie "Fargo" stirred widespread curiosity about snowy winters, funny accents, and bloody mayhem on the frozen tundra of North Dakota and Minnesota. The film won two Oscars and inspired a popular television series of the same name. But how well did it actually capture and reflect the region? In this documentary, producers Diane Richard and Todd Melby unravel the mystery behind the parkas, prowlers, and wood chippers in interviews with actors William H. Macy, John Carroll Lynch, Stephen Park, Tony Denman, dialect coachLiz Himelstein, women in law enforcement, and many more. Narrated by Bruce Bohne (Deputy Lou). Essential listening for diehard fans of "Fargo."

Dalmar Yare & Bob's Band - Airs Sept 21st

Dalmar Yare & Bob's Bandrecorded for Live from Minnesota
In this "Live from Minnesota" performance, Somali singer Dalmar Yare and Bob’s Band perform at the Cedar Cultural Center. The show concluded the 2016 Somali Week festival in Minneapolis. Both Dalmar and bandleader Bob Stacke spoke with KFAI producer Daniel Zamzow about their collaboration, the stories in their songs, and the dynamics of this one-of-a-kind band in the Twin Cities. The beginning of this program features their performance of the Somali national anthem.
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Apocalypse Now? Pt. 2 - Airs Sept 14th

A Remade Manfrom Open Source
Our second episode in the series deals with the incredible pace with which gene-editing technology is progressing in labs across the globe. But there is also some fretting about what the unlocking of the genome might do. Hooray for ridding the world of malarial mosquitoes, reversing aging, maybe even rescuing the woolly mammoth from extinction -- but perhaps we'll be faced with a man-made superbug biopocalypse doomsday. Tomorrow’s biotechnology will have an almost unimaginable capacity to surprise but there may be Oppenheimers among the Edisons. This episode features Siddhartha Mukherjee, Harvard innovator George Church, philosopher Michael Sandel, and infectious-diseases researcher Pardis Sabeti.

24 Hours - Airs Sept 7th

A Day in the Working Lifefrom Bending Borders
We'll hear about twelve workers who might otherwise go unnoticed – including a stripper, deli waitress, bus driver, metal scrapper and bathroom attendant – they take us inside their places of work to show us what they do, why they do it, and what it takes to get through a shift.

His Name Is Lancefrom Minneculture
Some people get joy from making other people happy. Lance Wileman makes animal-shaped balloons at Minneapolis farmers markets. And boy, does that bring smiles and giggles to children. Even so, some parents haven't bothered to learn his name. Produced by Nancy Rosenbaum.