12 August 2016

Walk in the Park - Airs Aug 17th

Walk in the Park from Hearing Voices
The National Park Service turns 100 this August! Our hour-long celebration immerses listeners into America's national and local parks. We will embark on a bike trip through snow-bound Yellowstone, a hike up the Grotto trailhead to Angel's Landing in Zion Canyon, spend a night in the Everglades tracking the Florida Panther, and visit community gatherings at William Pierce Park in the middle of Washington DC. Hosted by Barrett Golding and featuring producers Scott Carrier, Katie Davis, Christina Eggloff, and Jay Allison.

Wolf Howls and Bison Bellows by Jennifer Jerrett
We'll also be hearing a pair of audio postcards from Yellowstone National Park. First, Biological Technician Rick McIntyre tells us about the complex history of wolf calls within the park. Then, at the close of the show, Jennifer brings us on a listening safari for a signature sound of midsummer in Yellowstone - bison rutting season.

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