08 August 2016

Campaign '68 - Airs August 10th

Campaign '68 from American RadioWorks
Many see similarities between this 2016 election campaign and one almost half a century earlier. The 1968 presidential race was one of the most dramatic and significant contests for the White House in the 20th century. It was a close, bitterly-fought campaign in a raucous, bloody year. Ultimately, the Democratic Party lost its decades-long grip on national power, making way for the rise of Republican conservatism that profoundly reshaped American public policy for the next 40 years.

Voting by Remote from Eric Molinsky
Have you ever come across a TV show and wondered, who watches this stuff? Who are these people? You might find the answer in a report by a consumer research group on the TV viewing habits of liberals and conservatives. The study doesn’t factor in race, gender or class, just people who self identify as very liberal or very conservative. But some very clear trends emerge. We'll learn what makes a show appeal to one side of the political spectrum, even when there’s no politics on the surface.

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