18 July 2016

Noise, Pt. 15 - Aired July 13th

The Search for Silence from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
In the noisy modern world, silence has become an ever more desirable – and fashionable – state. We read books about it; go on retreats to find it; and soundproof our living and working spaces in its name. But when we have it is it what we want? In the final episode of the series, Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex considers the modern quest for quiet and asks whether what really makes us humans happy is a little noise.

Noise Retold by Matthew Herbert 
We will close our program with an epic sound-effect sound-scape. Mr. Herberthead of the New Radiophonic Workshopretells the story of the Noise: A Human History by remixing the entire series using only the sounds themselves - sans narration. Matthew is an electronic musician who is perhaps most famous for his controversial sound-art album 'One Pig.' 

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