08 June 2016

The Greatest of All Time - Airs June 8th

My Name is Ali by Ken Girardey
A salute to a man who could walk among the nations and peoples of the world and be considered a hero by all. He may have walked alone with that respect.

Interview with Muhammad Ali from The Studs Terkel Radio Archive 
Studs Terkel was a champion of a working folk and icons alike, and sometimes, he even managed to bring the two together. In this 1975 interview with Muhammad Ali, Studs asks him about how racism can be defeated by the power of outsiders coming to work together. Muhammad Ali also reads excerpts from his book – The Greatest: My Own Story – and discusses his life, touching on his childhood in St. Louis, not being served at a restaurant in his hometown after winning the 1964 Olympic gold medal, why people root for and against him, and fighting for what you believe.

Ali Goes to Mars from Blank on Blank
It was the summer of 1966 when a persistent 17-year-old with a high school radio show near Chicago got the interview of lifetime: Muhammad Ali. But only a handful of people ever got to hear this time capsule from Michael Aisner. Until now. 

I Am Still The Greatest by Muhammad Ali
Throughout my entire boxing career, my belief in my abilities triumphed over the skill of an opponent. My will was stronger than their skills. What I didn't know was that my will would be tested even more when I retired. Recorded for This I Believe in 2009.

The War of the Gods by Matthew Cowley
Poet Laureate James Tokley heard there were no more epic poems because there were no more epic heroes; Tokley disagreed. Had they not heard about the Thriller in Manila? He felt Muhammad Ali certainly was one, and so he wrote this epic poem about the mythological Ali-Frazier fight. 

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