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Bob Dylan Birthday Bash - Aired May 25th

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Manfrom Joyride Media 
Bob Dylan celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday. This man didn't just alter the course of folk music, he changed the way the music business worked. Dylan achieved this by merely doing what he does best - writing and singing his own songs; the popularity of his music took care of the rest. In this one-hour radio special, we'll hear some of Bob Dylan's early demo recordings as well as his songs as they were first heard on AM radio - in Mono! Plus, interviews with his first manager Roy Silver, music publisher Artie Mogull, journalist Colin Escott and record producer Steve Berkowitz. Cake will be served.

The Orphan Train - Airs May 18th

The Orphan Trainby Annie Wu
In September, 1854, the first "orphan train" carried 46 homeless children from New York City to far off homes to become laborers in the pioneer West. It was the first step in what was to become the emigration of as many as 250,000 orphan children to new homes throughout the entire United States. Widely duplicated throughout its 75 year history, the original orphan train was the creation and life project of Charles Loring Brace, a now largely forgotten man who became the father of American child welfare policy. In this one-hour documentary we will hear interviews from surviving orphan train riders as well as readings from period newspapers, letters, and journals about one of the least known, yet most significant social experiments in American history.

Outsiders In - Airs May 11th

Outsiders In from State of the Re:Union
Baltimore is a city of many diverse neighborhoods, some as long as only a few blocks. It's also a place of intense divides - racial, class, and otherwise - not easily overcome. It’s a city bogged down by a reputation for crime, poverty and dysfunction - a reputation not entirely undeserved but even more complex than the version presented in "The Wire." However, all of that often overshadows the passion and dedication many Baltimoreans have for their city, and for taking on what’s wrong with it in ways small and large.

Let's Talk Native - Airs May 4th

Let's Talk Native with John Kane
KFAI's annual day to celebrate the voices of indigenous people is here! Turtle Island: Voices Rising 2016 takes to the airwaves in lieu of the Listening Lounge this Wednesday night. From 6pm to 8pm John Kane will be hosting his program "Let's Talk Native" from New York. He will be speaking with KFAI’s Laura Waterman Wittstock and Navajo/Yankton Dakota activist and writer Jacqueline Keeler about native media. They will be exploring questions of overall media access to the coverage of native issues in the mainstream media.