30 March 2016

A Life Sentence - Airs March 30th

A Life Sentence: Victims, Offenders, Justice, and My Mother by Samantha Broun
This is a story about a terrible crime and everything that followed. It’s an intensely personal documentary, but it extends into public life and into the heart of our political and correctional systems. Some stories take a long time. This one is an hour long and took two and a half years to produce, after twenty years of living with it.
In 1994, producer Samantha Broun's 55 year old mother was the victim of a violent crime. On the evening of September 21st a stranger came into her backyard and attacked her. Five hours later, he left her lying on her bed. Hands and feet bound with tape. Alive. We now know the stranger was a serial killer and Samantha's mother was his only surviving victim.

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