12 January 2016

Bowie - Airs Jan 13th

David Bowie on Stardust from Blank on Blank
How can you turn yourself into an alien rock star and then walk away from the spectacle--and fame-that you’ve created? Here's the logic according to Bowie from a 1988 interview with Joe Smith. Joe’s book on music legends is called On The Record and his interviews now live at the Library of Congress.

Bowie's Waiata by Sam Coley
In 1983 David Bowie was enjoying the greatest success of his career. His Let's Dance album was at number one and his Serious Moonlight Tour was travelling the world, playing to record breaking audiences. When he arrived in New Zealand, Bowie was invited on a private pilgrimage to visit Takapuwahia Marae in Porirua for a welcoming ceremony. In return for the generosity offered by the Maori, he sang a song he'd written for the occasion called Waiata. In this documentary, we hear that song, plus members of both the Ngati Toa tribe and rock professionals look back on the event which David has called, “One of the most hospitable experiences of my life.”

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