04 December 2015

The Story of Star Wars - Airs Dec 9th + 16th

The Story of Star Wars from Superscope
Roscoe Lee Browne brilliantly narrates an abridged, tighter version of the events depicted within A New Hope. Many listeners feel this condensed retelling rivals (and may even best) the silver screen's theatrical release -- including me. The script was faithfully adapted by E. Jack Kaplan with Cheryl Gard and uses dialog, music, and sound effects from the original film. George Lucas himself is said to have overseen the project with the aid of Alan Livingston (the children's record pioneer who created Bozo the Clown, Rusty in Orchestraville, and signed both the Beatles and Sinatra to Capitol.) We will be playing the 1977 album in it's entirety over two weeks. Side A, which takes us up to the Millennium Falcon's arrival at the Death Star, will air on December 9th.
"A dark presence enters the ship. The ominous commander of the Imperial forces, Darth Vader, tall, and threatening in his black helmet, flowing black cape, and a face forever masked by a foreboding metal breath screen. Darth Vader, a figure who moves forever in a cloud of awesome evil.”- Roscoe Lee Browne narrating The Story of Star Wars

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