21 December 2015

Shortcut to the North Pole - Airs Dec 23rd

Shortcut to the North Pole by Peter Bochan 
Shortcuts is a theme-oriented audio extravaganza with no narration that has been airing on numerous public radio stations for over forty years. It's a splice-of-life montage which mixes music, film dialogue, press conferences, news, commercials, sound effects, and other sources. This holiday installment was produced in 1975 and features Gene Autry, Bing Crosby, The Chipmunks, Howdy Doody, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Laurel and Hardy, Martin Mull, The Firesign Theatre, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, The Who, The Boss, George Bernard Shaw, among many more.

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