06 November 2015

Messages from a Forgotten Troopship - Airs Nov 11th

Messages from a Forgotten Troopship by Kelley Libby and Allison Quantz
In the 1960s, it took almost three weeks to cross the sea from America to Vietnam. Three weeks for young men in crowded cabins, with salt water showers and absolutely nothing to do but think: about home, about the war, and about what’s next. For some, it was a roundtrip journey; others never made it home. We'll hear three stories from and about soldiers who all traveled on a single troopship, the General Nelson M. Walker. Through found tape and contemporary interviews, we recreate the troopship and capture the moments outside of combat - three weeks there, and for the lucky ones, three weeks back.
Produced with help from the Vietnam Graffiti Project for With Good Reason.

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