13 October 2015

The Crow - Airs Oct 14th

Birds of a Feather from Israel Story
Every summer tourists flock to the beautiful beaches of Eilat, Israel. But a new kind of tourist has made its way down south: crows. This invasive species wreaks havoc during the summer months. During June alone, the municipality hotline received over 60 calls reporting crow attacks. The city needed to do something - that's where Yoram comes in, Eilat's first hit man for crows.

Do Crows Mourn Their Dead? from Here Be Monsters
When a bird dies, crows swarm, squawk loudly and gather as many feathered friends as they can to come and see the dead body. Much of what we know about "crow funerals" comes from the work of John Marzluff, a biologist at the University of Washington in Seattle. He and grad student Kaeli Swift are trying to get to the bottom of these strange phenomena. Producer Jeff Emtman examines the strange behaviors of crows and how they might be able to teach humanity about the origins of funerals and emotions.

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