27 October 2015

Monsters I've Met - Airs Oct 28th

The Hand of Fate from Tales of the Frightened
Boris Karloff recites us a spooky tale from mystery writer Michael Avallone. Recorded in 1963.

A Cold Freezin' Night by Katie Mingle
Was it just a dream? The story of a chance meeting with "the enigmatic man."

Why We Tell Ghost Stories by Michael Kraskin
David Terry of UNC-Chapel Hill describes the narrative structure of ghost stories and why we are drawn to them.

True Vampires by Eric Molinsky
Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries – there seems to be no end to the vampire craze. But the existence of real vampires isn’t so glamorous. Actual vampires are nothing like the ones we see depicted in movies like Dracula. In fact, most of them are just trying to get by.

Melaina Hates Clowns from Columbia College Radio
Some scary things are fun, others can be kinda disturbing, and then there's terrifying clowns. For student producer Melaina de la Cruz, facing her coulrophobia was one of the hardest, bravest things she's ever done. Perhaps the best place to start isn't "The Clown Room" at a haunted house though. 

Chloe Loves Horror Movies by Katy Sewall
Chloe loves watching horror movies. The catch: She's only four years old. How does her father feel about that? Very, very proud. Does that make him a bad parent? You'll have to judge for yourself.

Monsters I've Met by Shel Silverstein
Mr. Silverstein tells us about his encounters with ghouls, witches, and devils. Published in the 1981 anthology A Light in the AtticPoem read by the author in 1985.

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