19 August 2015

Eyes on the Road - Airs Aug 19th

Road Dogs by Elias Schutzman
Have you ever heard of a "Road Dog?" It's what they call long-haul truckers. It's also what they call touring musicians. The difference is that when a trucker gets home, he takes a nap; but when a musician returns, he goes back to his day-job. Elias Schutzman is a road-dog of the latter variety; working as a waiter and sometimes radio producer. Tonight, he brings us a profile of pieman and fellow touring musician, Lazlo Lee.

Eyes In South America by Elias Schutzman
This March, the Baltimore rock band The Flying Eyes took off on a two week tour through Brazil and Argentina. The band had toured extensively in the States and Europe before - but this was their very first time playing in South America. Drummer Elias Schutzman brought along a portable recorder and chronicled the experience for us in this audio-postcard.

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