14 July 2015

Vulnerable Adult - Airs July 15th

Vulnerable Adult by Amy Salloway
Very special guest host Kevin Allison brings us a true tale boldly told at RISK! Live's last appearance here in the Twin Cities. Local performer Amy Salloway tells us about the time she was asked to write a stage musical regarding traumatic brain injuries. Along the way she reveals her own struggles with failure and self-loathing. This was recorded at the Brave New Workshop on December 4, 2014. RISK! is a podcast where folks share their most personal experiences - intimate moments from their lives which they thought they'd never dare to share - often hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking. 
RISK! LIVE returns to Minneapolis this Friday night at 7:30. You can find out more information & get your tickets here. The theme for the evening is Shock.

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