29 June 2015

Pacific Ocean Blue - Airs July 1st

Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue from Joyride Media
In 1977 Pacific Ocean Blue became the first solo LP to be released by a member of the legendary Beach Boys. Dennis, the band's surfer, drummer and free spirit, emerged from the shadow of his older brother, pop genius Brian Wilson, and shocked everyone with a sound and style unlike any other. Today, it stands as cult-classic. Throughout this one-hour special, Dennis Wilson's friends and family recall how he developed his musical voice - one that was full of surprises, but also one that reflected Wilson's dark, moody, hard and fast lifestylePlans for an even grander follow-up album, Bambu, were left unfinished at the time of his drowning death in 1983, but many songs from those last sessions were filled with a hopefulness that belied his tragic decline.

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