20 May 2015

Noise, Pt. 4 - Airs May 20th

The Noisy, Everyday World of Ancient Rome from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
As the Roman empire grew, the city sucked in exotic goods, tastes, smells, and, --of course-- sounds from all around the world. In mindbogglingly narrow street-ways you'd find bellowing animals, street-hawkers, the babble of a dozen languages; some inhabitants loved this sensory over-load, but others ran from it. What would we have heard had visited the city in its heyday? And here could Romans go to get some peace?

The Roaring Crowd from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex travels from the barrage of sound that was the London Olympics to the ruins of the Roman Colosseum. He will explain to us the visceral impact and power of the collective crowd: how it showed approval... and what happened when it was displeased.

13 May 2015

Birth Behind Bars - Airs May 13th

Prison and Pregnancy by Audrey Quinn
The United States incarcerates six times as many women as it did thirty years ago. Many of these women are already mothers, and four percent of incarcerated women enter prison pregnant. What happens to the babies born in the correctional system? What happens to the children left behind, as their mothers serve out their sentences?

Visiting a Prison Nursery by Shannon Heffernan
What happens when a women gives birth behind bars? Usually those babies are sent home with family members or put into foster care. But some prisons are trying an alternative: prison nurseries. Reporter Shannon Heffernan spent six months visiting a prison nursery in Decatur, Illinois, to find out how the experiment in keeping families together, at least for the infancy stage, is working.

06 May 2015

Go Ask Your Mother - Airs May 6th

Foster Care Teen Talks With Her Biological Mom from Curie Youth Radio
As a ward of the state, Shantaye has lived in 17 places in the last 14 years. She's been removed from her mother's care twice. Now a senior in high school, she feels ready to have an adult conversation with her biological mother. And wants to know what exactly was her mother was thinking while Shantaye was bouncing around? 

She's Just Like Me from Outfront 
When Leah was just a baby, her mother Marilyn died of cancer. Her father eventually remarried and Leah has never really asked her family about Marilyn, because she didn't want to bring up painful memories. But she's always felt that something was missing. Now, over thirty years later, she seeks out her mother's best friend to find out about the mother she never knew.

Sean Lennon interviews Yoko Ono from StoryCorps
Often, the pair are asked about Sean's famous father, but in this conversation, Sean had a chance to ask his mom about her own life.