18 February 2015

Best Actress - Airs Feb 18th

The Actress by Ruth Draper
Monologist Ruth Draper meticulously studied the people around her. She then spun these observations into rich, droll, poignant one-person sketches, which she presented at parties - eventually leading to great fame and stardom. John Gielgud described her as "the greatest individual performer that America has ever given." In the mid-50's, when she was 70 years old, she finally reluctantly, submitted herself to be captured on tape. We will hear one of these brilliant recordings...
On tour in Paris, a temperamental diva meets with a parade of callers. To some—the maid, her dog—she speaks French; while with others she employs heavily accented English. But when her impresario informs her that her favorite leading man will not be allowed to accompany her on an American tour, she displays her displeasure in a mellifluous Slavic-sounding tirade.

Queens of Bollywood from Tablet Magazine
Ruby Myers a.k.a. Sulochana. Esther Abraham a.k.a. Pramila. Farhat Ezekiel a.k.a. Nadira. From the earliest years of Bollywood, these and other Jewish actresses garnered starring roles. And while they may have looked somewhat exotic to moviegoers, they came from Baghdadi Jewish families who had been living in India for decades. Reporter Eric Molinsky speaks to film scholars, as well as friends and relatives of these once-beloved but now mostly forgotten stars of Indian cinema, to find out how they became the “go-to girls” for leading female roles in the 1920s, ’30s, and beyond. 

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