27 January 2015

Interrogators Without Pliers - Airs Jan 28th

Interrogators Without Pliers by Matt Thompson
The Chinese strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu wrote in 'The Art of War' that 'If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.' Which is obviously brilliant advice -- but finding out about the enemy is not often straightforward. In this program, Julian Putkowski sets aside all moral questions about torture and instead thinks about efficiency. What is the most effective way to extract high quality information out of the enemy? Surprisingly, Julian's unlikely role model is the enigmatic Nazi, Hanns Scharff. "Master InterrogatorScharff gently extracted a wealth of information from downed US fighter pilots by being both friendly and shockingly hospitableHe gained the reputation of magically getting all the answers he needed from the POWs, often with the prisoners never even realizing that their words, small talk or otherwise, were important pieces of the mosaic he was building.
Julian interviews: Dr. Gavin Oxburgh, an international expert on police questioning, Ali Soufan, a FBI special agent and author of 'The Black Banners,' and Hanns Scharff's son, Claudius.

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