31 December 2014

New Year's Eve Blues- Airs Dec 31st

Happy New Year from The Truth
Walt Avery is throwing a New Year's Eve party. He's invited all his friends, and expects a big crowd. Who will show up? Who won't? In this short story, we spend an evening with a man coming to terms with the perseverance of friendships, the death of his wife, keeping her memory, and perpetuating their traditions.

Clandestine Recording of My Parents at New Year's by Laura Kwerel
A secret recording of some late night gaiety. Laura was alone in her room when her parents and some neighbors began to celebrate the coming new year. They started making these unbelievable sounds with their noisemakers, like some kind of strange, bizarre -- sad geese -- and she knew she simply had to catch it on tape.

Dec 31st, 1995 from Random Tape
Kenneth and Miriam ring in the New Year... perhaps their last. Random Tape is a radio show that features odd voice messages, rants, poetry, music, any and all found recordings -- even some other random sounds. 

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