12 November 2014

This is Crohn's Disease - Airs Nov. 12th

What happens when you can get a horrifying, rare disease and there's no real cure? And the best medicine has to offer isn't enough? That's what happened to Jack Rodolico's wife. In "This is Crohn's Disease," Jack chronicles her illness and their efforts to make her life better. The microphone and recorder are there during doctor's visitors and painful treatments. This is a touching story that also gives listeners insights into how doctors think and treat disease. The story is one of several science stories produced as part of the Public Radio Exchange's STEM series. Reporter Jack Rodolico works at New Hampshire Public Radio.

Also on the program, a story from Eric Molinsky titled, "Take Me To Your Leader." It explores how some Native Americans see a similarity between alien invasion movies and the European-American invasion of their homeland.

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