29 October 2014

Dr. Frankenstein's Monster - Airs Oct 29th

The Frankenstein Family Crypt from The American Forces Network
In 1952, announcer Carl Nelson's producers sent him to the Frankenstein Castle near Darmstadt, Germany to explore the family crypt. Little did he know, they had set up a prank which was waiting for him. Despite the rising fear in his voice, Nelson dutifully reports everything as it happens, even going so far as to examine a grotesque statue he thinks he saw moving. Panic and terror rightfully ensue.

Frankenstein from The Witch's Tale
The Witch's Tale was the first horror radio serial. The series ran from 1931-1943 and was created, written, and directed by St. Paul's own Alonzo Deen Cole. The stories were hosted by an old Salem witch and her black cat, Satan. In this episode, a young scientist named Victor conducts experiments into human anatomy, physiology, and electro-chemistry; intent on improving the human race. Eventually he succeeds in creating life but is instantly repulsed by his creation. Upon his return, after fleeing his laboratory in horror, Dr. Frankenstein realizes his monster ...has escaped.

"Douse out them lights, settin' in the spooky shadows is the way to hear our pretty tales."