18 September 2014

Only On KFAI - Airs Sept 17th + 24th

The Beat of a Heart, the Tramp of a Fly from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
In the early years of the nineteenth century new technology allowed people to hear sounds that had always existed – but below the threshold of normal human perception. Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex tells us the story of medicine’s listening revolution: the discovery of the stethoscope.

The New Art of Listening from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
Once upon a time musical performances were quite a relaxed affair. Most audience members were so busy chatting, flirting and eating they didn't actually do much listening at all. But then came the era of grand concert halls. Professor Hendy explores how the Victorians stopped all the shuffling and learned to hush.

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