18 September 2014

Only On KFAI - Airs Sept 17th + 24th

The Beat of a Heart, the Tramp of a Fly from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
In the early years of the nineteenth century new technology allowed people to hear sounds that had always existed – but below the threshold of normal human perception. Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex tells us the story of medicine’s listening revolution: the discovery of the stethoscope.

The New Art of Listening from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
Once upon a time musical performances were quite a relaxed affair. Most audience members were so busy chatting, flirting and eating they didn't actually do much listening at all. But then came the era of grand concert halls. Professor Hendy explores how the Victorians stopped all the shuffling and learned to hush.

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09 September 2014

Hostile Planet - Airs Sept 9th

Hostile Planet from Love + Radio
We think of certain events as profoundly life-altering. Getting married or emigrating to a new country. But you can always get divorced, and you can almost always move back. Nick van der Kolk, Brendan Baker, and Elizabeth Jenkins bring us the story of a woman weighing a life decision from which there would be no turning back. Starting in 2024, the Netherlands-based project Mars One Mission plans to send four people on a seven-month one-way trip to Mars for colonization. Four more rocketeers would follow every two years. Interest in participation for the so-called "suicide mission" has been stunningly high - and now only 705 finalists remain from an initial 202,586 applicants. We'll hear the thoughts of one of those potential astronauts, Taylor Rose Nations, as she imagines what her potential future off Earth may hold.

03 September 2014

Operation Tomorrow - Airs Sept 3rd

Operation Tomorrow from The Mysterious Traveler
"This is The Mysterious Traveler, inviting you to join me on another journey into the strange and terrifying. I hope you will enjoy the trip, that it will thrill you a little and chill you a little. So settle back, get a good grip on your nerves, and be comfortable--if you can!"
The Mysterious Traveler radio series produced about 400 episodes between 1943 to 1952 for the Mutual Broadcasting System. Unfortunately, only about 70 of those survive today. The show always began with the eerie, lonely sound of a distant locomotive followed by the malevolent voice of host Maurice Tarplin. It featured themes ranging from science fiction or fantasy to horror and crime drama. In tonight's broadcast, which first aired April 11, 1950, a time traveler discovers a future writhing in perpetual war. Now knowing the human race's fate, can he race to the present and prevent this awful future?