13 August 2014

Bacall's Bold Venture - Airs Aug 13th

Sailor is a Wealthy Widow from Bold Venture
To commemorate the life and talent of Lauren Bacall, we will be airing an episode of her cult-classic radio show, Bold Venture. Humphrey Bogart frequently spoke of his wife's fondness of the broadcast, "I never listened to it, but Betty did. She liked to hear her voice." We do too and so we're pleased to bring you another choice chapter from this ace series. There have been few Hollywood Power Couples which held as much draw as "Bogie and the Baby" but despite the popularity of radio serials, the Bogarts continually refused to tie themselves down to a microphone every week. However, after years of turning down opportunities and lucrative contracts, there came a new wonder of technology -- the advent of tape recording. Now the pair would be able to work around their busy film schedules and were finally lured to radio after hearing a brilliant story pitch and asked to join a specially selected team of first-rate writers and top-grade talent. The premise was like combining their movies To Have and Have Not, Key Largo, a dash of The Big Sleep and set it with a backdrop of Havana. In each installment, the captain's ship, Bold Venture, set sail for "adventure, intrigue, mystery, and romance." In this episode, the pair find themselves entangled in a dangerous insurance fraud plot when Duval misplaces her gun -- and apparently a husband! Will Slate Shannon (Humphrey Bogartbelieve his trusty, sultry sidekick Sailor Duval (Lauren Bacallto be innocent when this husband turns up dead?

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