02 July 2014

Bogart's Bold Venture - Airs July 2nd

The Kuan Yin Statue from Bold Venture
To honor Christmas baby Humphrey Bogart's 114th-and-a-half birthday, we will be airing an episode of his cult-classic radio program, Bold Venture. The show was a hugely popular syndicated serial which aired thrice-weekly from 1951 to 1952 on over 400 stations. It was recorded just prior to Bogart's departure from the United States to film The African Queen and was later adapted into a television series. In each chapter, the captain's ship, Bold Venture, set sail for "adventure, intrigue, mystery, and romance." Also, despite being a "quick-paced adventure story for the entire family," according to the star, "...we usually kill-off someone every night." In this episode, Slate Shannon (Humphrey Bogart) and his sultry sidekick Sailor Duval (Lauren Bacall) become involved with a deadly quest for a rare Chinese statue of Kuan Yin which is thought to have been smuggled aboard.

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