17 June 2014

Mystery Men - Airs June 18th

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain by Sarah Boothroyd
A sound collage that mixes printing press rhythms and interview scraps that would usually be edited out of a journalistic radio segment, including material that draws attention to the technical and interpersonal machinations of reporting. It's a behind-the-scenes view of journalism, which is a process of editing and selecting, rather than transmitting a complete record to the public. 

Do You Have a Minute for Equality? from The Truth
A mysterious man offers the large donation a desperate street canvasser needs -- but it at a hefty price. The story was written by Chet Seigel, developed collaboratively by the Truth, with dialogue improvised by the actors. Performed by Chet Seigel, Tom LigonMelanie Hoopes and directed by Jonathan Mitchell.

Love Bombed from Bring Your Own
Bring Your Own is a live storytelling pop-up series that takes place in living rooms, backyards, and other intimate spaces within the New Orleans community. Each month, stories are told live, unscripted, and true to the teller. On this night, Amy Allison Shipley gave her audience a window into the experience being recruited and indoctrinated as a member of a cult.

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