30 May 2014

In Good Hands - Aired May 28th

In Good Hands from The Truth
We here at The Listening Lounge are big fans of producer Jonathan Mitchell's work -- and this week we're gladly featuring another audio adventure from his series, The Truth. The folks at The Truth develop stories as a collective, often improvising the dialog on location. The recordings are then taken to the studio for editing, sound design, & score. They are yielding extraordinary results thus far and tonight, they will be taking us urban spelunking. If you're not already out doing it yourself, Urban Exploration is the risky hobby of infiltrating private areas barred from public-access or poking around long forgotten ruins. In this story (which stars another Listening Lounge favorite, Emily Tarver,) a pair of explores sneak into an abandoned subway tunnel and stumble onto... you'll just have to tune-in and hear.

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