14 April 2014

Recent Favorites - Aired April 2nd

KFAI is community-supported radio: the programs you hear everyday are made possible by listener-members! Please show your support by visiting KFAI today! For pledge drive, we've curated a greatest-hits-style episode of favorite stories we've played over the past six months: 

From our "Computer Love" episode: TI-99/4A from The Optimist
What could be more fun than a Texas Instruments home computer, a dot matrix printer, and a text adventure game on a cassette drive!? Well, all of this and some poorly written BASIC programming awaits you. We join author Tom Pappalardo as he waxes nostalgic for way back when he actually understood how his computer worked. 

From our "Lands of Make Believe" episode: The World Within the World from The Memory Palace
A NYU PhD candidate's studies go off the rails sending him on a lonely quest to prove the world is hollow. An idea based on ancient legends that there are entire civilizations which thrive in subterranean cities. Obviously these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we are on the surface. He also believed that they were poised to help us immensely, if only we could find them. 

From our "Five Stories of War" episode: Fighter Pilot by Kathy Tu
Retired Lieutenant Colonel Michael McGee talk about the experience of being a fighter pilot during one of his first missions in the Gulf War, one he will never forget. Plus, go behind-the-scenes with HowSound host Rob Rosenthal to learn how rookie producer Tu made this impressive, sound-rich piece.

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