05 March 2014

Five Stories of War - Airs March 5

"I like to set up explosives. I like big booms. I mean, who doesn't?" Those are the words of Specialist Lackey, a 21-year-old U.S. soldier who served in Afghanistan. It's one of "Five Stories of War" airing on this show. Three of those stories feature reporter Jake Warga asking soldiers about the things they carry into battle. The inspiration, of course, is Tim O'Brien's novel, "The Things They Carried."

Also: We feature "The Fighter Pilot," a highly praised story from Kathy Tu, a producer who isn't even sure she'll pursue radio. According to the HowSound podcast, Tu is studying to be a lawyer. Listen to the show, then go behind-the-scenes with Tu and HowSound host Rob Rosenthal to find out how Tu made this impressive, sound-rich piece.

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