19 February 2014

Computer Love - Airs Feb 19th

Love and Robots by Anton Foek
Dr. David Levyan expert in artificial intelligence, argues that the automata we once deemed cold and mechanical will soon become the objects of real companionship as well as human desire. He explores many aspects of human relationships and how they have changed over time. Levy believes it inevitable that these same attachments will eventually extend to love for robots.

My Sex Robot by Audrey Quinn
Brooklyn make-up artist Jessica Jacobs desperately needed a job. Because she had experience sculpting and special effects for the movies, a friend asked her to take over on a very special assignment. We'll hear how this girl-next-door became the woman behind the world's first sex robot, Roxxxy

TI-99/4A from The Optimist
What could be more fun than a Texas Instruments home computer, a dot matrix printer, and a text adventure game on a cassette drive!? Well, all of this and some poorly written BASIC programming awaits you at the close of our show. We'll join author Tom Pappalardo as he waxes nostalgic for way back when he actually understood how his computer worked.

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