22 February 2014

Noisy - Airs Feb 26th

The Noisy, Everyday World of Ancient Rome from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
As the Roman empire grew, the city sucked in exotic goods, tastes, smells, and, --of course-- sounds from all around the world. In mind-bogglingly narrow street-ways you'd find bellowing animals, street-hawkers, the babble of a dozen languages; some inhabitants loved this sensory over-load, but others ran from it. What would we have heard had visited the city in its heyday? And here could Romans go to get some peace?

The Roaring Crowd from Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex travels from the barrage of sound that was the London Olympics to the ruins of the Roman Colosseum. He will explain to us the visceral impact and power of the collective crowd: how it showed approval... and what happened when it was displeased.

19 February 2014

Computer Love - Airs Feb 19th

Love and Robots by Anton Foek
Dr. David Levyan expert in artificial intelligence, argues that the automata we once deemed cold and mechanical will soon become the objects of real companionship as well as human desire. He explores many aspects of human relationships and how they have changed over time. Levy believes it inevitable that these same attachments will eventually extend to love for robots.

My Sex Robot by Audrey Quinn
Brooklyn make-up artist Jessica Jacobs desperately needed a job. Because she had experience sculpting and special effects for the movies, a friend asked her to take over on a very special assignment. We'll hear how this girl-next-door became the woman behind the world's first sex robot, Roxxxy

TI-99/4A from The Optimist
What could be more fun than a Texas Instruments home computer, a dot matrix printer, and a text adventure game on a cassette drive!? Well, all of this and some poorly written BASIC programming awaits you at the close of our show. We'll join author Tom Pappalardo as he waxes nostalgic for way back when he actually understood how his computer worked.

12 February 2014

It's Complicated - Airs Feb 12th

The Boundaries of Love by Daniel Estrin
Yes, love has the power to blossom in stubborn places, but can it survive in such a complex and difficult maze? We'll hear about a homosexual couple -- one gent from the West Bank and the other from Israel -- who try their best to navigate love in perhaps the harshest environment in the world for their relationship to bloom.

Speaking the Truth of the Moment by Marian van der Zon
A look at honesty in relationships. A quest to discover the ethics and effects of using brute honesty to negotiate the complexity of sexual and non-sexual relationships. Is anything short of total candor sufficient? Where do the moral boundaries lie?

04 February 2014

Studs Interviews Seeger - Airs Feb 5th

Studs Terkel's Weekly Almanac from WFMT
Studs Terkel, the prize-winning author and radio man, was one of the first disc jockeys in the country to play folk recordings. His well-known shows aired on WFMT 98.7 Chicago between 1952-1997 (and are still rebroadcast today.) Here, in a recording from 1955, he interviews two giants of the American music scene, Pete Seeger and Big Bill Broonzy. Pete and Big Bill also perform a variety of folk songs and blues tunes. A LP record of the radio program was later released on Folkways Records.