29 January 2014

Tall Tales for Little Folks - Airs Jan 29th

Abiyoyo by Pete Seeger
One night while singing lullabies, Pete was begged by his children for a story instead. As a compromise, he wrote this story-song based on an old South African folk tale to quiet them. We begin with a boy and his father who are banished because folks find them to be nuisances. However, one day a fearsome giant, Abiyoyo, suddenly appears in the village, and all the townspeople run for their lives -- and the lives of their children! Nothing can stop the terrible giant, nothing, that is, except for a pair of misfit rejects.

How I Hunted the Little Fellows read by Pete Seeger
Mr. Seeger recites Boris Zhitkov's children's tale "How I Hunted the Little Fellows," an account by a small child of his fantasy about tiny people living in a model boat owned by his grandmother and his attempts to discover them.

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