22 January 2014

Lands of Make Believe - Airs Jan 22nd

Fake City, Real Dreams Produced by Zak Rosen
Word got around about Neil Greenberg’s crazy huge fake place project. Rumor was that he was mapping a really expansive, detailed metro region on giant poster boards. Zak was intrigued. He began to think about how cool it might be to climb into Neil’s head, to get an idea of what he sees when he looks at his maps. Zak found Neil’s vision so specific, inspiring, and creative that he set out to do a radio profile, an audio rendering of this imagined near utopia. A city that could be real -- but isn't... at least not yet.

The World Within the World from The Memory Palace
A NYU PhD candidate's studies go off the rails sending him on a lonely quest to prove the world is hollow. An idea based on ancient legends that there are entire civilizations which thrive in subterranean cities. Of course these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we are on the surface. He also believed that they were poised to help us immensely, if only we could find them.

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