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A Lonely Shortcut - Airs Jan 1st

A Lonely Shortcut by Peter Bochan
It's all about the going out, or staying in, having a party or having no friends. A classic New Year celebration mix featuring Cliff Arquette, Ernest Borgnine, James Dean, Jim Backus, Popeye, Bluto and Olive Oil, Dabney Coleman, Joanne Cassidy, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Natalie Wood, Doodles Weaver,John Cusack, Danny Aiello, Steve Martin, Charles Grodin, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Betsy Blair, Esther Minciotti, Jerry Paris, Joe Mantell, Jimmy Stewart, Simon Williams, Laraine Newman, Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Ray Noble and His Orchestra, The Police, and Wang Chung -- of course.

To Have And Have Not - Airs Dec 25th

To Have And Have Not by Ernest Hemingway 
The story goes that Howard Hawks told Ernest Hemingway he could make a movie of the author's least work, and Hemingway gave him the rights to "To Have and Have Not". We'll hear a special hour-long radio adaption of that script. It is the story is of a skipper for hire who reluctantly agrees to help the French Resistance while falling for a pretty petty thief. Our play was originally broadcast on Lux Radio theater in 1946 with Christmas-baby Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall reprising their screen roles.

A Charlie Brown Listening Lounge - Airs Dec 18th

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!by Kenny Fairris
Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas has become a yearly tradition for generations of viewers. We'll explore the history of this program, consider why it communicates so well, and hear about some of the spiritual and artistic influence it has had.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!by Kaye Ballard & Arthur Siegel
Several tracks from the 1962 Columbia Records' "Good Grief, Charlie Brown!" -- an album based entirely on early strips written by Schulz. This recording marked the first time ever that the Peanuts characters were "brought to life." It was conceived by Kaye Ballard(as Lucy) with longtime creative partner Arthur Siegel (as Charlie) and produced by the legendary John Hammond. The "music" was created by Fred Karlin. Karlin, an Oscar winner, put together a very odd orchestra of childrens' musical instruments, household objects, and real toys, a concept much imitated afterward.

Snoopycat: B-Side - Airs Dec 11th

Snoopycat: The Adventures of Marian Anderson's Cat Snoopy by Marian Anderson
We continue our celebration of Marian Anderson, who, 50 years ago, became one of the first recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. On December 6th, 1963 President Kennedy was scheduled to award the legendary contralto our nation’s highest civilian honor; LBJ presided over the ceremony in his absence. Around this very same time, Marian was also in the midst recording a bizarre yet remarkable ode to her own kitty-cat forFolkways Records. You've heard the flip side -- tune-in this week for the thrilling conclusion!

Snoopycat: A-Side - Airs Dec 4th

Snoopycat: The Adventures of Marian Anderson's Cat Snoopy by Marian Anderson
Legendary contralto Marian Anderson repeatedly broke the race barrier in classical music, most notably when she performed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1939 after being refused a concert spot at Constitution Hall. But she also loved her cat. This is her cat Snoopy’s story, 14 tales written with Frida Sarsen-Bucky and narrated and sung by Anderson. Released in 1963 on Folkways Records.