09 October 2013

Poe Pourri - Airs Oct 9th

The Death of Poe from The Truth
This audio drama depicting Poe's last day on earth was inspired by a story from Matthew Mercier. Matthew was once the caretaker of The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage and lived in its basement. We'll hear that one day he was visited by mysterious devotee who was raving about how Poe spent his final hours. Performed by Christian Paluck, Ed Herbstman, Chet Siegel, and Louis Kornfeld. It was produced and directed by Jonathan Mitchell.

The Imp of the Perverse read by Vincent Price
Do you think you might be "one of the many uncounted victims of the Imp Of The Perverse?" Well, we will learn how the budding field of phrenology has overlooked one very major portion of the mind -- the natural human tendency to do wrong for wrong's sake. Procrastination, greed, overeating, envy, and even murder are all examples... but to confess? Could that possibly be wrong? Could that be the "imp" at play? Written in 1845, recorded by Price in 1975, and released on Caedmon Records.

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“Could I have torn out my tongue, I would have done it”

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