02 October 2013

La Llorona - Airs Oct 2nd

La Llorona: An Evolving Myth by Beth Hoffman
A good myth can stand the test of time. It can find itself being told hundreds maybe even thousands of years later; La Llorona is one such myth. The tale of "the weeping woman" continues to resound with those who tell it, hear it, and retell it, all these years later. Since the time of the Spanish conquest, from Mexico to the American Southwest, those who hear the wails of the crying woman, or who are touched by the hem of her gown, are marked for death. In this program, we'll hear about this tragic mother and her story -- and how its meaning has grown and changed over time. We will know that as the myth spreads, La Llorona will go on haunting our children for generations. 

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