28 August 2013

Human Intelligence - Airs Aug 28th

Human Intelligence from The Truth
We'll hear a radio-drama based on a story by Kurt Anderson about melting icecaps and extraterrestrial spiesNarrated by Ed Herbstman, with John Ottavino as Nicholas, and Melanie Hoopes as Nancy. 

He found it physically painful to lie, which was unfortunate for someone who had spent most of his life as a spy. Back when everything was proceeding according to plan, year after year after year, he had gotten quite sloppy -- sometimes even announcing who he was and where he lived. What did it matter?

“I’m a spy,” he’d tell the curious with a smile, “here on a long-term intelligence-gathering operation. But it’s super-top-secret, so if you don’t mind, that’s really all I can say about it.”

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