28 August 2013

Human Intelligence - Airs Aug 28th

Human Intelligence from The Truth
We'll hear a radio-drama based on a story by Kurt Anderson about melting icecaps and extraterrestrial spiesNarrated by Ed Herbstman, with John Ottavino as Nicholas, and Melanie Hoopes as Nancy. 

He found it physically painful to lie, which was unfortunate for someone who had spent most of his life as a spy. Back when everything was proceeding according to plan, year after year after year, he had gotten quite sloppy -- sometimes even announcing who he was and where he lived. What did it matter?

“I’m a spy,” he’d tell the curious with a smile, “here on a long-term intelligence-gathering operation. But it’s super-top-secret, so if you don’t mind, that’s really all I can say about it.”

21 August 2013

Live At San Quentin - Airs Aug 21st

Johnny Cash: Live at San Quentin from Joyride Media
It took Johnny Cash 12 years to record one of his live prison shows, but it wasn't easy. He was threatened against doing it and warned it would ruin his career. Regardless, he followed his instincts and took the stage at Folsom Prison in '68. A year later he followed it up with "Johnny Cash at San Quentin" - which became his first #1 album on the pop charts. In our special hour-long episode, we'll explore how the show came about, went down, and the wake it left behind. You'll hear both unreleased tracks and Cash nearly starting a riot in a room full of very bad men. The program features interviews with the album's producer, Bob Johnston with bassist Marshall Grant about the excitement and fear of the concert. We'll also hear from prisoners, guards, and reporters Anthony DeCurtis and Jim Marshall, the photographer of the famous "Johnny flipping the bird at San Quentin" photo.

14 August 2013

A Hiroshima Story - Airs Aug14th

A Hiroshima Story by David Swatling
On a sunny August morning in 1945, Keijiro Matsushima sat in his math class in Hiroshima. He looked out the window, saw two American bombers in the clear blue sky, and suddenly his world was torn apart. Now a retired English teacher, he fears young people today are no longer interested in his story. On a sunny June morning in Amsterdam, English teacher Kevin Hogan’s 11th graders are reading a novel about Hiroshima. They are the same age Mr. Matsushima was when the atomic bomb exploded. How will they react when they hear his story?

06 August 2013

Sci-Fi - Airs Aug 7th

When Particles Collide by Eric Molinsky
In a 17-mile long tunnel outside Geneva, Switzerland, a particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider is smashing protons at nearly the speed of light. Physicists hope it will help solve mysteries of the universe and lead to an elusive Unified Theory. Studio 360's Eric Molinsky looks into the colorful and complex design of the largest machine on the planet.

Passage to Moauv from Power Records
Stardate 5440: The Enterprise is ordered to transport the noisy, cat-like pet waul of the Moauvian ambassador to his home world. The waul escapes and its telepathic projections of fear affect all crew members ...except Lt. M'Ress. Can her immunity help to save the crew from certain despair and this calamitous kitty?!?!?