10 July 2013

Catch and Release - Airs July 10th

National Debt by Robin Amer and Jesse Seay
Two survivors of Japanese American internment describe how they went from being model citizens to being seen as the enemy. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. rounded up 120,000 people of Japanese descent and put them in internment camps. Nearly two-thirds of them were American citizens. Years later the U.S. government would apologize and pay reparations to people who had been held. However, in their fight for reparations they struggled with the question: how do you forgive someone when what’s been taken is basic human dignity?

Missing Kim by Julia Lowrie Henderson
Kim Moreau disappeared on May 10, 1986. She was 17 years old. 26 years later her father and sister continue to search for her. Dick Moreau has hung over 50,000 posters of his daughter around the area of Jay, Maine. In this story we'll hear about one family's seemingly endless quest for answers, their need for closure, and their struggle with a grief that never ends.

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