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In Good Hands - Airs June 26th

In Good Hands from The Truth
We here at The Listening Lounge has been in love with producer Jonathan Mitchell for years -- and this week we're gladly featuring another audio adventure from his new endeavor, The Truth. The folks at The Truth develop stories as a collective, often improvising the dialog on location. The recordings are then taken to the studio for editing, sound design, & score. Somehow, nearly always, they are yielding brilliant results -- It's like magic! Tonight, they take us urban spelunking. If you're not already out doing it yourself, Urban Exploration is the risky hobby of infiltrating private areas barred from public-access or long forgotten ruins and... well, poking around. In this story, a pair of explores (which stars another Listening Lounge favorite, Emily Tarver) sneak into an abandoned subway tunnel and stumble onto... you'll just have to tune-in and hear.

Absent Fathers - Airs June 19th

He Didn't Mean to Die by Sara Curtis
"Your father loved you so much. He really did. I know that..."

Dear Father from Youth Media Project
A seventh grader writes a thoughtful and moving letter to his unknown father.

Daddy by Sylvia Plath
Otto Plath died shortly after Sylvia's eighth birthday as a result of undiagnosed diabetes. Plath said this poem was about a girl with an Electra complex whose father dies while she thought he was God.

The Baby in His Lap from This Land Press
Shantelle was a child when photographer Larry Clark captured iconic images of her father, Billy Mann, toting guns and shooting drugs for his book, Tulsa. As a result of Mann's lifestyle, she never got to know her father. Now Shantelle is searching for who her parents were before the guns and drugs. 

Footing the Billby Youth Voices
For many American children, growing up in a fatherless household is their reality. Reporter Kameisha Jerae Hodge learns that children growing up without fathers face a diffe…

"Inside the Q-W-E-R-T-Y World of Typewriters" - Airs June 12

They made noise. They required paper and ink. Their bells signaled the end of a line. Typewriters ruled the written word for most of the 20th century. In tonight's show, we offer praise to the glories of this Q-W-E-R-T-Y, clickety-clack world with stories from Montreal, Kolkata, Burlington and Richfield. You'll meet poets who type, men who fix typewriters, men who get paid to type and yes, you'll get a free typing lesson. So tune in as Todd Melby tours the keyboards of this Wite-Out world on a special edition of the Listening Lounge.

Blind Justice - Airs June 5th

Wrongfully Convicted by Julia Lundberg 
Maurice Caldwell is just one of hundreds of former inmates whose convictions have been overturned after spending years in prison. Now, Caldwell is working on his case, hoping to prove not only that he had a mistrial, but he’s factually innocent. 

Life After Exoneration by Evan Roberts
Rick Walker was an auto mechanic living in East Palo Alto. In January of 1991, the body of his ex-girlfriend Lisa Hopewell was found bound, gagged and mutilated. The murderer fingered Rick as an accomplice and a jury convicted him of the killing. Mr. Walker served the next 12 years in maximum security prisons. Now, he's out -- and we're going to take a glimpse at how he and his family are adapting to life -- after exoneration.