15 May 2013

Journey of the Asian Carp - Airs May 15th

Journey of the Asian Carp from Long Haul Productions
This is the story of a good fish gone bad -- an immigrant brought here with good intentions but who has 
caught a bad rap. The carp is said to be a tasty fillet but instead lives as a victim of stereotypes. However, if given the chance, this fish might just rock your world... Oh yeah, it's also a fish that can fly

The Master by Emily Hsiao
Emily visits a taxidermist on Martha's Vineyard. However, you won't find any deer heads or bears in her workshop -- just lots and lots of fish.Janet Messineo specializes in marine taxidermy and mounts fish of all sizes. For the past 25 years, she has worked from her basement, cranking out critter after critter for her clients. It has been hard work, and Janet is ready to retire. But even as she eases into retirement, Janet still finds a way to breathe new life into old dead things.

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