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Liberace and His Spectacular Crystal Closet - Airs May 29

This sound-rich documentary on the late "Mr. Showmanship's" fabulous life and legacy, produced by Out in the Bay's Eric Jansen is told with love by Liberace Museum curators, a Liberace impersonator and features Liberace’s own voice and music. Sit back (preferably in marble tub with champagne in hand!), close your eyes and enjoy a trip back in time with the most spectacular, fabulous, outlandish and ground-breaking closeted entertainer of the 20th century.

Blank on Blank - Airs Mary 22, 2013

Beastie Boys on Being Stupid by David Gerlach Back in May 1985, the Beastie Boys were fresh on the music scene and on tour as the opening act for Madonna. In between shows they sat in a Washington D.C. hotel room and cracked wise for Rocci Fisch, then a reporter for ABC News Radio.

Pete Seeger on We Shall Overcome by David Gerlach Folk music legend Pete Seeger explains the history behind the civil rights anthem, "We Shall Overcome", and why this famous song has many brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. And he sings, too.

Jonathan Alter on How to Interview Presidents Obama, Clinton, & Nixonby David Gerlach We hear from journalist Jonathan Alter on how you interview a President--with rare outtakes from his Oval Office interview with President Obama in November 2009 including his take on "Teabaggers" and the GOP. Jonathan Alter writes for Bloomberg now after spending nearly three decades at Newsweek magazine. He’s interviewed every president since Nixon, except f…

Journey of the Asian Carp - Airs May 15th

Journey of the Asian Carpfrom Long Haul Productions
This is the story of a good fish gone bad -- an immigrant brought here with good intentions but who has caught a bad rap.The carp is said to be a tasty fillet but instead lives as a victim of stereotypes. However, if given the chance, this fishmight just rock your world... Oh yeah, it's also a fish that can fly

The Master by Emily Hsiao
Emily visits a taxidermist on Martha's Vineyard. However, you won't find any deer heads or bears in her workshop -- just lots and lots of fish.Janet Messineo specializes in marine taxidermy and mounts fish of all sizes. For the past 25 years, she has worked from her basement, cranking out critter after critter for her clients. It has been hard work, and Janet is ready to retire. But even as she eases into retirement, Janet still finds a way to breathe new life into old dead things.

The Spring Show - Airs May 8th

When Lenny Met Igor by Jackson Braider
100 years ago this month, the premier of Rite of Spring at the Paris Ballet provoked a riot; six months later, its composer, Igor Stravinsky, was the darling of the Paris scene. As part of WFMT’s Stravinsky@125 series celebrating the 125th anniversary of the composer's birth, producer Jackson Braider tells us some stories from the life of The Rite of Spring.

Le Sacre du printempsby Igor Stravinsky
We'll also be airing a short excerpt of the famed ballet. Our recording was released on Decca Records in 1974 and performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Sir Georg Solti conducting.