30 April 2013

Walking Across America - Airs May 1st

Walking Across America by Jay Allison and Andrew Forsthoefel
At the age of 23, Andrew Forsthoefel decided to walk across 4,000 miles across America. He was wearing a sign that read, "Walking to Listen," and carried a tape recorder with him. 
When he started on his epic journey, Andrew seemed to have no solid idea what would become of the audio; but the result was a coming of age radio tale and a sonic portrait of our big-hearted, wild, innocent, and wise country. 
He started talking to people about their lives and, sometimes, what their lives had taught them. He’d ask people about the idea of home, love, being alone, family, death; all sorts of stuff. There was some worry that people would be resistant to being interviewed. Not so. The vast majority wanted to be heard, and they didn't mind the recorder. Nearly every time, they had something they wanted to share.  

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